Saturday, January 14, 2012

What to do when you get texts from strangers

Periodically I get texts from strangers who obviously dialed the wrong #.  Usually I reply to let them know it was a wrong # and/or block their # from texting me in the future.  It's a bit annoying at times b/c they are busy racking up my bill if I can't get to a computer to block them, which must be done directly on my cell provider's website.

Once I got repeated vulgar texts after the stranger insisted I was lying about it being a wrong #.

Today I decided to take a different approach.  It went something like this:

Stranger: "Hey do you mind if I stop by?"

Me: "Sure.  I'll leave the door unlocked for you in case I'm in the bathroom when you get here.  Don't mind the smell.  I've got the scoots lol"

-no reply-

Me:  "Also would you mind stopping by the store to get me some toilet paper?  k thx"

Stranger:  "Joe??!!!!!!!"

A resounding success if I do say so myself.

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