Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Report Says: Jenny McCarthy's Son May Not Have Had Autism After All « Hollywood Life

"Many applaud Jenny, who has never stopped fighting to help her son since his autism diagnosis in 2005. Others say her claims about immunizations have labeled “a menace to public health” by the Center of Disease Control."

I'm curious about that last sentence. Others say the CDC has labeled her "a menace to public health"? Others say? Don't investigative reporters check their facts?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Criminalizing human progress

Salman Rushdie, 1990: “The idea of the sacred is quite simply one of the most conservative notions in any culture, because it seeks to turn other ideas – uncertainty, progress, change – into crimes.”

Pathologist: Fox News producer helped with Savio autopsy - Chicago Breaking News

Pathologist: Fox News producer helped with Savio autopsy - Chicago Breaking News

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Are the teabaggers confused?

According to this article, the Boston Tea Party was not a protest against high taxes; it was a protest against taxation without representation. It states the protest occurred after the price of taxed tea was reduced to undercut the price of smuggled tea. In other words, they were revolting to pay higher prices.

According to the teabaggers' website, the purpose of their movement is to reduce taxes and government spending.

Am I missing something?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Mardi Gras king cake

The Mardi Gras king cake | Life and style |

I do not live in an area that celebrates Mardi Gras, but for some reason my supermarket had a few of these on sale the other day.

It looked like a bunch of cinnamon rolls smushed together with glow-in-the-dark lard frosting and some unidentifiable plastic things stuck on top. Shocked

I looked it up today on the Internet. Apparently it's some ill-tasting pastry with a plastic baby Jesus baked inside. It's your Lord and Savior and cake, all in one!

Many things come to mind.

A. How do you bake plastic inside a pastry? Is it a magic plastic?

B. Why baby Jesus? It's the time of year observing his death and resurrection, not his birth. Or would it be too creepy to have a adult bearded hippy god peeping out of your dessert? Creepier than an infant in a diaper?

C. Why do this at all?

D. Wouldn't the son of god prefer being baked into a tastier dish than this one?

E. Does the use of neon frosting give Jesus extra special honor?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

LOLWTF! This was advertised in an insert in my newspaper today.

Jesus and magnets together--can't go wrong!

I wonder why the one true omnipotent omniscient omnibenevolent spook in the sky needs a few lowly magnets to help him heal?

The ad says it's solid copper and has 3000 magnets, with lots of exclamation points!!! I count at least 9 exclamation points, more than a dozen different fonts, and waaaay too much capitalization going on. For example:

END YOUR PAIN! Penetrating Power Of Magnets! Soothing Power Of Copper! Healing Power Of Jesus!

The ad is complete with a creepy picture of long-haired hippy Jesus with an aura (oops--I mean halo).

Here's the online version.



Do you believe? Wear this solid COPPER MAGNETIC THERAPY JESUS BRACELET for the most powerful healing and comfort you’ve ever experienced! COPPER has been relied on for centuries to ease the pain of arthritis. MAGNETS are used therapeutically to ease muscle pain, tendonitis, bursitis, back pain, poor circulation and more. And faith in the miracles of JESUS can not only protect you from physical pain, but soothe your soul in times of stress! Fully adjustable to fit most wrists.


Disincentive for organic farming

"Under our current system, it is more profitable for farmers to grow crops laced with chemicals than organic ones because they get larger government handouts from the Department of Agriculture’s Farm Subsidy program, more marketing assistance and stronger crop insurance programs.

If farmers do choose to grow organic crops, it costs them more. It’s not just that they don’t get the same level of subsidy support from the government. They are also charged a fee to prove that their crops are safe, and on top of that, they are charged another fee for the right to label their crops “organic.” As a result, organic farmers have a higher cost structure, while our taxpayer dollars subsidize the crops with the chemicals...."

Sara Palin caught using notes written on her hand!

Seriously? 60 Minutes did a piece on Sara Palin and Republican insiders said they couldn't get her to remember basics for debates and speeches, even after days of coaching. According to this video, she was caught using notes written on her hand!

Laura Silsby, a local missionary to Haiti, left trail of financial woes in Idaho | Local News | Idaho Statesman

Here's a list of legal issues related to the woman accused of stealing orphans in Haiti. She seems to have been absent the day in Sunday school when they taught that Christians are supposed to obey laws.

Laura Silsby, a local missionary to Haiti, left trail of financial woes in Idaho | Local News | Idaho Statesman