Monday, January 30, 2012

Call to action! Shame on

As you may know, there's a fundie hate group calling itself Honest Girl Scouts manipulating kids to spew an anti-gay, anti-abortion message full of misconstrued quarter-truths. I would call them half-truths but that would be too generous. ;)

mmkay. I want to screw with them, and Girl Scouts is a good cause. Here is Girl Scouts' secure donation page. (If you don't trust the link, that's ok; you can find it by going to Girl Scouts' main page yourself and clicking on the "donation" link at the top right hand corner.)

Fill out the info and donate $1 or whatever floats your boat. At the bottom of the page, it asks if your donation is, "In honor of someone? If so, add honorees name and address, we will send them a tribute notification."

Fo' sho' our donations are in honor of someone! Enter the following: "My donation is in honor of Taylor at"*

Let's see if we can get $100 in donations to Girl Scouts for every day the website remains up!

*That's all the contact info I could verify. Their domain name is registered privately. I guess Jesus wants his followers to keep their identities secret!

Check out the Jan. 18 post (the one that starts with, "Well said, Tammie, hear hear. ") on another blog for further info about who is behind this "movement".

Saturday, January 14, 2012

What to do when you get texts from strangers

Periodically I get texts from strangers who obviously dialed the wrong #.  Usually I reply to let them know it was a wrong # and/or block their # from texting me in the future.  It's a bit annoying at times b/c they are busy racking up my bill if I can't get to a computer to block them, which must be done directly on my cell provider's website.

Once I got repeated vulgar texts after the stranger insisted I was lying about it being a wrong #.

Today I decided to take a different approach.  It went something like this:

Stranger: "Hey do you mind if I stop by?"

Me: "Sure.  I'll leave the door unlocked for you in case I'm in the bathroom when you get here.  Don't mind the smell.  I've got the scoots lol"

-no reply-

Me:  "Also would you mind stopping by the store to get me some toilet paper?  k thx"

Stranger:  "Joe??!!!!!!!"

A resounding success if I do say so myself.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Teen Girl Scout calls for cookie boycott

Teen Girl Scout calls for cookie boycott

I'm just going to go out on a limb and say this might be overreacting. WHO CARES if there's a boy in Girl Scouts? I'll bet you the girls actually wouldn't have cared if adults didn't tell them to care.

"claiming the organization is using cookie proceeds to push a radical homosexual agenda at the expense of the Scouts’ safety."

Buahahahaha! Srsly? Grow up. What does this have to do with homosexuality?

“The real question is, why is GSUSA willing to break their own safety rules and go against its own research institute findings to accommodate transgender boys?”

Ummm....I have no words. A 7-year-old boy who feels he is a girl is a ... safety issue for overnight events? Come on.

The article goes downhill from there.

P.S.--Is it just me or is calling it "serving in" the Girl Scouts taking oneself a little too seriously?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Devil wears polka-dot underwear and doesn't clip his toenails

Just thought you should know.

Codex Gigas: Devil's Bible or Just an Old Book?

Things we need to abolish in 2012!

1.  "I feel like..." when expressing an opinion:  "I feel like that skirt does not do you justice."  Just say, "I don't like it," or, "That skirt doesn't do you justice," dammit.

2.  "Counter-intuitive."  This word is gaining popularity again and we need to quash it.  NOW.  Before it gets out of hand.

3.  "Amazing."  If you don't already know why this is on the list, I can't help ya.

4.  Rape terms to discuss things that are not rape:  "He screwed me over," "F--- you," "Take it up the ---" and so on.  ENOUGH.  Surely we can express ourselves creatively in other ways.

5.  Columns on Internet documents.  I mean, come on.  If your document is primarily published on the Internet, separating the whole thing into 2 columns is stupid and outright hostile to your readers.  Case in point: The Federal Register.  So annoying.