Monday, January 30, 2012

Call to action! Shame on

As you may know, there's a fundie hate group calling itself Honest Girl Scouts manipulating kids to spew an anti-gay, anti-abortion message full of misconstrued quarter-truths. I would call them half-truths but that would be too generous. ;)

mmkay. I want to screw with them, and Girl Scouts is a good cause. Here is Girl Scouts' secure donation page. (If you don't trust the link, that's ok; you can find it by going to Girl Scouts' main page yourself and clicking on the "donation" link at the top right hand corner.)

Fill out the info and donate $1 or whatever floats your boat. At the bottom of the page, it asks if your donation is, "In honor of someone? If so, add honorees name and address, we will send them a tribute notification."

Fo' sho' our donations are in honor of someone! Enter the following: "My donation is in honor of Taylor at"*

Let's see if we can get $100 in donations to Girl Scouts for every day the website remains up!

*That's all the contact info I could verify. Their domain name is registered privately. I guess Jesus wants his followers to keep their identities secret!

Check out the Jan. 18 post (the one that starts with, "Well said, Tammie, hear hear. ") on another blog for further info about who is behind this "movement".

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