Sunday, February 19, 2012

Knitted egg warmers with yellow pom Set of 2 by imali on Etsy

Are your eggs tired of being chilly? Do you have to contend with biting into a soft boiled egg with goose bumps?  Do your eggs nag you about getting them a stylish hat?

Now, finally, there is a solution! For only $9.9999 plus shipping, your eggs will soon be snuggled in the warmth of knitted caps.  They'll be the envy of the dairy in these chic pom pom hats, with yarns that match both their eggs and their yolks!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy ^&##$%)_(_) Valentine's Day

Yeah, that's right. I am in pain and I don't care who knows it.  My heart?  Oh no, not that.  It's my backstomachkneewristhead.

*takes a breath to gain composure*

Now then.  I am trying to research chronic pain and I'm not getting anywhere.  I found some stuff on Chronic Pain Syndrome but that isn't it.  I see that entails lack of known physiological etiology.  My physiological etiologies are well known. 

I don't care about the cause anyway.  I have done all I can do to address that.  What I care about at this moment is the solution.  I can deal with aches and pains but jeez, when I am vomiting and unable to stand up because of pain, it's too much. 

Back to Google.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Unusual animals I've seen in Upstate NY

I've spent a lot of times in remote areas and am also a ridiculously early riser, so I see a lot of things others don't.  I've decided to keep a list.   So far:
  • eagle
  • coyote
  • weasel
  • opossum
  • bear
  • grey and red foxes
  • mink
  • loon
  • beaver
  • various woodpeckers
  • blue herons
  • ...and a small furry animal (maybe cat-ish size) that looked exactly like an anteater that was walking with its head down to the lawn, eating bugs with a very long, almost trunk-like snout.  Haven't figured out the name yet.
  • Bigfoot (just kidding!)
I see turkeys and deer almost daily so I didn't bother including those on the list.