Friday, December 26, 2014

A sick response to the 2004 Asian tsunami

Asia remembers devastating 2004 tsunami with tears and prayers | Reuters

Ten years ago, I was discussing the horrific tsunami with someone--the deaths, suffering and destruction.

And she replied, "Look, I know it's sad and everything, but people need to take personal responsibility. I mean, don't they watch the Weather Channel?" 

This woman is quite possibly one of the most ignorant people I've ever met. She is intelligent, holding a graduate degree in a somewhat difficult field of study.  Yet her common sense is nearly nonexistent. A 40-year-old virgin the last time I knew, she lived with her parents and was still totally coddled as though she was a preschooler. They even paid her bills for her--not paying them with their funds, just writing checks from her account, addressing the envelopes, etc. Does not know how to cook and has no inclination to learn. Leased cars because the very idea of owning a vehicle and having to figure out who would repair it was daunting to her--she'd rather get a maintenance agreement with the dealership so she didn't have to put any thought, effort or research into where else to take it.

The idea of dating was scary to her, although she was lonely for a male companion, she did not want to develop the maturity to adapt to physical contact and all that a normal relationship demands. She had a childhood crush (unrequited) since early adolescence and the way she spoke of it reminded me of how girls feel and act when they are approximately 12 years old. Just no maturity, moving on, putting it into perspective, etc. She admitted she fantasized about a relationship with him in order to not seek companionship elsewhere. She also had an obsession with an actor and attended events he was at to see if he would, like Prince Charming, notice her in the crowd, suddenly fall in love and invite her on a date. She tracked his activities and talked to other fans daily. This actor was in a relationship at the time. It was painful to listen to, and creepy.

She was morbidly obese, and not interested in losing weight because then she would "have to think about dating, and I'm not ready". For this reason, she wore little makeup, did not pluck her eyebrows, and wore the most threadbare, insufficient brassiere her 52GG breasts could find. The nipples pointing southeast and northwest on top of those bags of jelly was not a pleasant sight. (For the record, I have far-from-perfect breasts/face/body too but I try to look presentable.) She admitted to me she knew her appearance was a turnoff and that's why she was doing it--to prevent anyone from being attracted to her.

She has only traveled to one place outside of the small town where she lives--and she does that once a year with her immediate family. She has had almost no exposure to people of different races, religions, cultures, and languages. As a consequence, she would say a lot of racist nonsense.

When a serious issue arose with a close relative of hers, she deliberately caused herself to get sick so she would become the one being comforted instead of having the burden of comforting others.

Obviously, this woman is really sick. So there you have it, parents. This is what happens when you spoil your children. You create a very demented, unhealthy, racist monster. It is not a true act of love, but one of selfishness and control.