Saturday, January 7, 2012

Things we need to abolish in 2012!

1.  "I feel like..." when expressing an opinion:  "I feel like that skirt does not do you justice."  Just say, "I don't like it," or, "That skirt doesn't do you justice," dammit.

2.  "Counter-intuitive."  This word is gaining popularity again and we need to quash it.  NOW.  Before it gets out of hand.

3.  "Amazing."  If you don't already know why this is on the list, I can't help ya.

4.  Rape terms to discuss things that are not rape:  "He screwed me over," "F--- you," "Take it up the ---" and so on.  ENOUGH.  Surely we can express ourselves creatively in other ways.

5.  Columns on Internet documents.  I mean, come on.  If your document is primarily published on the Internet, separating the whole thing into 2 columns is stupid and outright hostile to your readers.  Case in point: The Federal Register.  So annoying.

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