Saturday, June 13, 2009

Why are fundies so often anti-environmentalists?

I've noticed Xian extremists tend to think destroying other species and the Earth is a good thing, kind of like exercising our right to be oh-so-superior to everyone and everything else.

I've never seen anything in the Bible that even suggests this.

Case in point:

"Let me introduce "us". The "us" consists of my husband Walt (a Numismatist who lends a hand to help when he can) and myself (Wendy) and our thirteen children.

Children truly are a blessing from the Lord. When we cooperate with the Lord and allow new life to be created, we have actually given our Lord a gift, too...another soul for eternity! How awesome is that?!

We also home educate and live a simple life on our farm...raising chickens, cows, organic and hydroponic gardening, all that kind of simple and fun stuff. Connecting with nature connects us with God. Don't worry, you won't find us hugging trees...we worship the CREATOR not the creation! Just good ol' Simple Catholic Living.

I was also wondering--what's up with Incorrect Capitalization AND ALL CAPS And Exclamation Points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and the having 48 children?

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