Sunday, June 7, 2009

Malignant Impatience

For example: Yesterday while crossing a busy, cramped parking lot, my friend and I wisely paused for 1.5 seconds to ensure a driver who was backing up saw us. With nowhere to stand during this ginormous 1.5 second interlude, we rudely blocked access to an open spot by another driver who was waiting for it.

He sarcastically yelled, "TAKE YOUR TIME! NO RUSH OR ANYTHING," a tongue lashing we surely deserved.

So srsly, if someone's life is so terrible that a 1.5 second delay is cause to raise blood pressure and voices, well, I guess he needs a new life. Sorely.

Many a time, if I delay gunning the engine for more than a half a second when the light turns green, I'm treated to the same dialogue, along with angry honking of the horn.

Is it just New Yorkers who are like this?

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