Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Welcome to my lair

This is my first blog, so go easy on me. ;)

I'm a fairly normal woman who has led a somewhat abnormal life, leading me to have a variety of unusual experiences. I have many stories to tell!

My game plan here is to write about my experiences, past and present, in whatever order they pop into my head. They will not be told in sequential order, and there will be lots of confusing don't try to figure out the time line...just relax and go with it. Kind of like watching Lost.

I've run into many quirky, outlandish, even vile characters. I plan to enthrall you with retellings of my exploits and adventures.

I can't tell you more about my personal life because I'm a superhero. I promised the Justice League I wouldn't let anyone know who I really am.


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