Monday, December 12, 2011

Where in the world is...skyclub79?

Do you ever wonder where an ebay seller disappeared to?

I bought 2 of this seller's items and they were great, at a great price and reasonable shipping charges.  Some of the items were really unique.  I bid on a lot more too.  The seller had over 123,000 stars with a 99% positive rating.

Then one day I got a security notice from ebay stating the auction had been removed and it may not be the seller's fault.  The entire ebay store, which had 1000s of items the day before, was empty right before Black Friday (a.k.a., the #1 national holiday for jewelry sellers).  That is just like the Easter Bunny disappearing on Good Friday, the groundhog disappearing right before Groundhog Day, or Jesus disappearing right was that holiday again?

The seller remained on ebay until I checked today, and noticed his account was deleted.

There is really nothing  on ebay, or in the rest of  the Milky Way galaxy as far as I can tell, that compares to these items.  I am very sad!  skyclub79...where have you gone?  What have you done to deserve this?

Coooommmmeeee baaaaaack!


  1. I hope ebay finally has banned this seller. he was selling fake sterling silver. Ive been ripped off by him by hundreds of dollars and I also contacted with other customers who also were ripped off.
    he was selling under three user names.

  2. Sorry to hear it!

    The pieces I do have from him really do not look plated. They actually look like they were made with Precious Metal Clay (which after firing is actually fine silver, more pure than sterling).