Saturday, November 5, 2011

More crazy nativity sets

Nativity Set 3 Kings three wise men Christmas by TheHouseOfMouse Because it's not sacrilegious to picture the 3 wise men as rodents. Furthermore, picturing the Holy Family as small dogs is perfectly fine too.

Dachshund Complete Nativity

Christmas Nativity Meerkats
Or meerkats with phallic belts.

Christmas light bulb ornament Complete Nativity set
Next year: LED, eco-friendly nativity scene.

Zombie Nativity Set, Six Clay Figurines for the Holiday
Jesus wants to eat your braaaains.

And today's finale...drum roll...

Haitian Earthquake Rubble Nativity
Because no home is complete without a creche made from earthquake rubble, glued onto rocks to form bizarre faces.

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