Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kevin Trudeau

Unbelievable. How is this guy not in prison?

I am still seeing his mug on infomercials for his book, even though he’s allegedly a convicted felon, keeps writing books that get poor reviews, and in the past was ordered by a federal court not to do infomercials for his books.

Apparently his books suck too! His latest travesty, Debt Cures THEY Don’t Want You to Know About, now has an average 2.5 star rating on LOL

For the best entertainment, read the book review by “J. FERRARA ‘Jay’”. It’s really hilarious.

Here’s a snippet from Jay's review: “Wow what can I say except I have never read anything quite like Debt Cures before in my life! It was a total surprise. I can't believe this got published. Is this a 2nd grader writing a composition for a teacher who wanted information about clearing up credit card debt? Instead, out of protest he writes a book of twenty-four chapters of mostly repeat information. About sixty percent of the book is repeated over and over. What are usable lies in about thirty pages of this three hundred page book which can be found in other sources.”

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