Sunday, February 12, 2012

Unusual animals I've seen in Upstate NY

I've spent a lot of times in remote areas and am also a ridiculously early riser, so I see a lot of things others don't.  I've decided to keep a list.   So far:
  • eagle
  • coyote
  • weasel
  • opossum
  • bear
  • grey and red foxes
  • mink
  • loon
  • beaver
  • various woodpeckers
  • blue herons
  • ...and a small furry animal (maybe cat-ish size) that looked exactly like an anteater that was walking with its head down to the lawn, eating bugs with a very long, almost trunk-like snout.  Haven't figured out the name yet.
  • Bigfoot (just kidding!)
I see turkeys and deer almost daily so I didn't bother including those on the list.

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