Sunday, October 17, 2010

Inflatable Religious Decorations

You know it's coming--Inflatable Yard Decor Season. Yes, right now it consists of ghosts and pumpkins, but pretty sure it will be Santa and reindeer.

I was wondering if they come in a Jesus model, so I did a Google Image Search for "inflatable Jesus". What I found was good for several full-on belly laughs. I give you Inflatable Jesus:

Here, Jesus has lost both his legs in a terrible skiing accident and they've been replaced with a double row of ginormous teeth.  With shrunken legless children situated in their cavities.  Holding hands, of course.

If Joseph was a clown, this is exactly how Jesus would have looked.  He's got killer abs, swollen toes, and a strange Flintsone-esque shorts.

I am pretty sure these are the same ladies I saw on 9/11/02 posing with Ground Zero in the background, smiling.  They really don't pay attention to what they're posing near.  They just want pics for their MySpace page.

At first I said to myself, "Of course this is a joke."  But then I realized there are actually people who make nativity scenes out of marshmallows and haunted houses with a Revelation Hell theme, without intending a joke, so it could be for real.  Which would make it even more hilarious.

The makeup is a nice touch.

This is presumably from a nativity scene.  Or Charlie Brown's newborn brother napping on a yellow mattress while people....what are they doing, exactly?  I SO want this one!  It has wormy looking hay, a very evil looking Santa, and an odd red tree, all in one creche scene.  Is there anything it does NOT have?

I have to stop now.  My sides hurt.

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