Saturday, March 27, 2010

Going poo-free

I decided to try to stop using shampoo.

This is a big deal for me. My hair is my "thing". I've got lots of it, pretty healthy and shiny, with some natural curl. And I'm a 40-something woman whose other attributes are fading, shifting even more importance onto my hair. ;)

So why would I do this? Two reasons.

First, the environment. The chemicals in shampoo harm our water supply and animals.

Secondly, my health. My health usually is the top priority, but the case for shampoo causing disease is somewhat--but not totally--weak. Check out the Environmental Working Group's Cosmetics Safety Database.

Before I get into the health issues, let me just plug EWG. They are not full of hype. This is a group of scientists studying each ingredient in various beauty products and giving it a safety rating.  EWG provides an invaluable service; we have no other mechanism to have this information. Fan them on Facebook. You will be really shocked at the things they uncover about cosmetics and other types of products, and glad to learn easy ways to avoid serious toxins. This is the group that discovered lead in lipstick a few years ago, and they continue to make impressive accomplishments.

So what's wrong with shampoo? It's simple--it's legal to use human carcinogens and other toxins in beauty products. Check out this list of ratings. And yep, your eyes aren't deceiving you. Some of the "natural" shampoos are rated as highly toxic.

I'm going to chronicle what will probably be a long process of titration from shampoo.

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