Saturday, November 14, 2009

I've decided to become a conservative

Yep, you read that correctly. I'm defecting!

I do not believe in government interfering with people's personal lives, when those things do not impinge on others' rights.

I do not believe government should be meddling in people's private bedroom activities--not in who they can marry nor what consenting adults can do with each other.

The government should not be telling consenting adults who can put which body part into which orifice, and whether or not they can wear wedding rings while doing it.

The government should not be meddling in women's wombs either. No one loves abortions, but it shouldn't be a bureaucrat's decision whether or not a pregnancy is terminated.

I'm conservative about the separation of church and state too. The state shouldn't be involved in and funding people's practice of religion (to the extent that religion doesn't harm others, of course). That should be something private citizen's do without governmental meddling or sanction.

I'm conservative about funding people's hobbies--religious activities and sports teams that are not part of a public school curriculum.

I'm conservative about forcing taxpayers to bear the burden of property taxes not paid by religious organizations.

That makes me a conservative, right? ;)

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